New Year Full of Adventures

It has been far to long since my last post. 2013 by far has been the hardest year on record for me personally. After the birth of my baby in March it just took so much to get back into my groove. Its been 9 months and there has been so much happening around here that there was no room for blogging, showers or any organization for that matter. I like many others have used the New Year as a fresh start. I have many goals for this year like getting back to pre baby weight, a very exciting move to the pacific northwest, homeschooling my oldest while we transition, part time college and being sane! I am incredibly excited about our move, the final destination is Portland, OR or the surrounding areas. My husband was finally accepted to get into P.A school in Portland and the move will take place in March 2014. I hope I can document my journeys and if anyone has any good advice I would love to hear it. Image


Mom, Wife and Student


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I had spoken in my other post about motherhood often and most of the time when feeling a bit overwhelmed, I guess its my release. I don’t always shed the greatest light on that part of my life because it can be hard, but it has the greatest rewards. See I did things backwards according to society, I had my children and went to school, it was just the way it worked itself out for me. 

I have been going to school for 4 years off and on only taking part time classes. I am coming up to a fork  on the road, I either decide to be a nurse or take on my new discovery and love sociology.I am about to complete an associates degree in science and now have to choose the career that will help me reach my ultimate goal. I have learned to love learning like I never though I would. It is addictive like coffee, I want to learn everyday all day. 

I think I finally decided on my major, I truly want to study sociology with a minor in psychology. I took a sociology class this summer semester and completely felt at home and wanted to learn more. Now nursing is a secure and well paying option but that is not how me and my husband live. I believe that with a degree like this I can learn more about the people and find a way to help others because that is what I love. See me and my hubby have this fairytale dream of helping the world and that we will be able to make a difference in someones life. I think anyone can accomplish helping others without a degree but with one I can get into bigger organizations to make a bigger impact. 

Have a Happy Sunday-Dream Big!



Sunflower Madness

In spring me and the hubby did some planting. We decided to try just give everything a try, we planted tomatoes, basil, lemon basil, jalapenos, carrots, squash,cucumbers and sunflowers. I had never planted sunflowers before and I have to say it was one of the easiest germination. The sunflowers were very hardy and just grew, some were at least 8 feet tall. They are so beautiful to look at I wish I would have planted more. 


This picture was just so beautiful, nature working together.



Planted the sunflowers all along the fence, my neighbor said she was eager to see them bloom.


1st World Problems

I visited my “mental” doctor yesterday, as I sat there while she asked how my medication worked I explained to her that it had a weird side effect. She gave me Ativan the last time I was there for occasional anxiety. When there was a pause in our conversation I thought, do people in 3rd world countries have these problems. I mean do they have therapist, psychologist why do I have one? She recommended a different medication gave me a prescription and that was it.

My anxiety has always flared up after the birth of my children, but this time I don’t want daily long term medication so I just need something for the occasional times. But what am I so scared of or worried about? I myself don’t understand. Why was my brain wired this way? why are me and millions of other people on happy medication?

I think that in developed countries the survival needs have been met. I myself am surrounded by everything I could ever need and more. I have never ever starved, I’ve had food and shelter my entire life. People in third world countries in my opinion should be the ones who would be this stressed out, depressed or anxious, they are the ones who actually are suffering. These people don’t have time to think about how they feel because they are too busy trying to find food for their children or rebuild a home that has been destroyed. Do we have too much time to think? In developed nations we focus on our happiness as priority we are very egocentric. As I sit here writing this, I am 4 months deprived of sleep because of my new baby and at times I feel “depressed” but the reality is that I have everything I could ever ask for and my babies don’t go to bed hungry  or cold. In the mornings I try and remind myself of the wonderful things I have its the only way to stop the selfishness. Being mindfull helps me snap out of my 1st world problems. I am not saying that we should never complain but at times we need to remember all the people and things we have surrounding us. It might just turn your mood around (especially after a cup of coffee 🙂 ).

Hello again

I seem to be stuck in my writing as of lately. Sometimes I am unsure of the things I want to write on here. I vowed to be original because I feel this space allows for that but I have second thoughts about my writings at times because I think it will uninteresting. I guess I am more interested of what my fellow bloggers will think or how many followers I have impressed. No longer will that be the case. I will write the way I intended to, to keep track of what new adventures, troubles and life moments I can record. I love to write, I love the motivation it gives to do new things. Image